Referral Program

Friends tell friends when they have a great experience with a service or company, right?

So, have you told your friends or family about me?

I want your friends and/or family to enjoy the same great comfort and customer service you’ve come to expect from TopLine Handyman and I would like to reward you for referring them to me.

Program terms:

  • Referral: a referral is defined as a new customer to whom you have personally communicated with in regard to the recommendation of using TopLine Handyman Referral Program. Referring yourself is not considered a referral. Of Course person you refer to me must tell me your name so I can mark in my system after will perform service with me. If your friend will forget mention you, that’s OK.  As soon your friend will complete any service with me and you let me know during your next service appt will be just fine 🙂
  • Qualifications: the person you refer must be a NEW customer who has not yet used my company and who resides within my service area: San Clemente, Dana Point or San Juan Capistrano.  The new customer must use any of the TopLine Handyman Service.
  • Referral Reward: After your referral person uses any of TopLine Handyman service, you will get $25 DISCOUNT on your next service with TopLine Handyman. Limit up to TWO DISCOUNTS Per Visit ( max. $50 Off)