3 Reasons to Hire a Handyman Service & 10 Items for Your Honey-Do List

Home maintenance is something everyone has to deal with from time to time. Homes, like vehicles, require regular cleaning and maintenance. Sometimes you, the homeowner, are perfectly capable of doing the maintenance yourself, but sometimes it’s just simpler and easier to hire someone else to do the job. Here are three very good reasons to hire a handyman service to do the things you may normally put off until next month – or next year.


The Right Tools for the Job: Professional handyman services have many tools that are required for a variety of jobs whereas the average homeowner has the basics. It’s unlikely that you happen to have everything needed for the project. Then you would need to find a place to store all of those extra items/tools once the job is done. Or hire a handyman service, get the job done in just a few hours.


Fast and Efficient Work: It’s what I do. It’s what I love to do. I am there to focus on a to-do list and get specific jobs done. I won’t get distracted by pets, laundry, errands, or dinner preparations like homeowners often deal with in the middle of a DIY project. But don’t confuse fast and efficient work with lack of quality. I strive for excellent quality workmanship whether is assembly furniture, repairing, installing, organizing, or building.


I specialize in certain areas such as home repairs, light carpentry, light electrical, light plumbing, organizational skills. I will help you customize your to-do list and will provide my very best quality of work for the jobs you need to be done that I can offer.


10 most popular Honey-Do List projects:

Assemble Furniture

Caulk as Needed

Hang Artwork

Install Lighting

Install Ceiling Fans

Install Faucets

Replace Fixtures

Replace Door Knobs and Locks

Repair Drywall

Repair Doors


Your Honey-do list may already have several of those items on it.

Many of them are time-consuming projects that homeowners prefer to avoid until they can turn them into a full weekend of DIY projects.

Let me help you with your Honey-do list.




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