Due to setting up a new shop currently, I do not accept any new work or clients.  

In mid-time please visit 

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After many years providing 5 stars varies Handyman Services to Orange County customers, TopLine Handyman decide to concentrate on woodworking projects only. To continue offering the highest quality for residential clients we in process of setting up new woodworking shop in Temecula,CA. After many successful years providing handyman services in San Clemente & surrounding towns we will be offering custom woodworking services to largest area in Southern California later this year  .


Quality of work and customer trust are my top priorities.  I’m not interested in just making a quick buck and moving on to the next customer. I put in the extra effort every day to make sure customers are completely satisfied.  I’m more interested in building lasting relationships with clients that understand the value of having a craftsman. I’m interested in developing a true Win/Win between my clients and me. You see, I actually enjoy this type of work. I love what I do and I love to help people. Probably I’m not the cheapest but I believe you get what you pay for.  If you value having someone that you know will show up on time and that you can trust to be in your home, then I’m your guy.  If you value the peace of mind of knowing that the job will be done right, then I’m your guy.  If you value superior communication, then I’m your guy. Conversely, If you are just looking for cheap labor, please save us both some time.  I’m not your guy. My best clients count on me to deliver consistent, quality work in a multitude of different projects so they can save time and enjoy their homes.


Trust, Respect, Caring, Fun, Safety, Open & Honest.


I am not a Licensed Contractor , but operate under the minor work exception in accordance with the California Business and Professions Code Sections below:

(7027.2, & 7048)   These sections in the Contractors’ State License Law allow handyman like me to do repairs and projects on your home if they are casual, minor, or inconsequential nature and the aggregate contract price is less than five hundred dollars $500.  

(7045 & 7046)   These sections explain that the Contractors’ State License Law does not apply to work on personal property or the sale or installation of any finished products.